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You: Damn, tired of all this YouTube drama and bullshit with leafy and all this damn youtubers, wish we could deal with this sh*t some other way... *sigh*

*vaporwave music plays suddenly*

*strange man vaping appears*

Strange man: Yo, waddup, I'm Mark. Heard you were tired of all that youtube bullshit, well... I created a video game and it's callled YouFighter, where you get to battle, trigger and get beat up by youtubers and play as your favorite youtuber too. I gotta go tho. I'll leave you with my boi Bonzi to guide you and sh*t. See yah. Oh, and also make sure to stay updated for future updates with new players, maps and more. See yah ;)



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YouFighter v1.0.rar 46 MB
YouFighter v1.0 MAC.rar 47 MB

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Played, had fun, peed a little.. lol, but seriously, keep up the good work!

Hi, i had taken interest in this game, but when i downloaded the game, it Downloaded a Windows Version, but i game on mac. Help?

I just added a Mac version, have fun

Welp, here's a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YNQiydz9p0


I have two questions

1. Will it come out for iOS

2. Would you ever add murisu (guessing not

I can't rn, I don't have enough money for the iOS developer license, but you can contribute any amount with donation and it surely will be released if I ever reach the amount which is 100$. And yes I can add Mairusu if you want to, I will do so in the next update. You can leave any requests here. I will keep improving this game constantly with new features and players. Follow me here if you want to stay updated. Thanks (:

LOVE this game its just I only have one problem when playing as keemstar for me whenever trigger mode is activated it comes as joey salads and when you win or lose it shows joeysalads face as the winner is this an error with my download or can you fix it? thanks

thanks bro, we'll fix it in the next update as well as adding new features, there's a lot more to come